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Simon Ellis

The head honcho at is an out and out cricket fan with quite a bit of experience playing at a reasonable level himself. Second to cricket comes his rugby (and beer - and curry) which keeps his leisure time tied up in the winter months when he turns purple with rage watching his favourite teams play and make any slight, tiny error.

We would say that he is a golfer but that would be in the loosest possible sense!

When the major football tournaments come around then watch Simon turn into a sudden dedicated soccer fan, particularly internationals where his allegiance to his country cannot be doubted.

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Antony Curruthers

Massive Horse Racing and Football betting Shrewdie, pro punter and serial over-exaggerator (see previous). Lover of the each-way double and dreams of having Sea The Stars as a household pet, and has been known to poke people in the eye for not mentioning him in the same breath as Frankel and Nijinsky, 'the old boy never ducked a challenge and his three-year-old campaign was simply immense!'.

Ex wage-earner and hired-gun for various betting and trading firms before turning his hand to writing, and still holds aspirations of riding in a single national hunt race, with the firm belief he can beat Tony (AP) McCoy in a finish (see what we mean by over-exaggerating).

Follower of the football team from the 'good side of North London', and an active campaigner for Pedro Mendes' goal at Old Trafford (that one from the half-way line in 2005) to be given. Writes and expresses his views on everything betting-related, focusing on Racing, Football, Tennis and Formula One, but has previous of betting on the Eurovision Song Contest.

Greatest bets ever placed included Greece winning Euro 2004 and Manassas winning the Spring Mile at Doncaster (2009). Worst bets: all the rest. Betting pet-hate is 'trading out' and favourite saying is 'let it ride'.

Carl Newby

Carl Newby is "The newby" to but has been in around the world of gambling for twenty years. He first started out as a croupier inside his local casino.

Thereafter, he set up his first blackjack team and with the help of a backer, played blackjack to supplement his income until 2002. By that stage Carl was already doing well within a relatively new environment which was online poker.

Carl decided to go full time as a poker player in 2002 and played limit hold'em for a few years. On top of this Carl has also been a very avid sports bettor, writer and poker coach since 2005.

These days Carl can be found operating on 888poker and is an avid sports bettor and analyst. Carl has three published books on poker, blackjack and roulette and has written hundreds of articles on many gambling subjects. He plays online poker exclusively these days and not live poker simply because this is where you can record the largest amount of volume.

Having worked with many gambling companies and bookmakers down the years then Carl has an all-round wealth of knowledge on all subjects to do with gambling that is literally second to none in the industry!

Carl currently writes for three of the largest poker magazines.

Paul Wilson

From an early childhood was nicknamed 'Maradonna' on the football pitch not because of a similar, silky ability as the diminutive Argentinian but rather for his short, stubby and surprisingly hairy legs for one so young.

A fervent citizen of Planet Football, you can find him on the twittersphere conversing in all things concerned with the beautiful game.

Likes the Horse Racing (prefers the jumps to the flat), Darts, Tennis and even the imported egg-chasing game (American Football).

Likes also to watch the Golf but never plays much as he once nearly killed a grazing cow and still suffers bad dreams of the incident to this day.

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James Palmer

A big - and we mean BIG - football fan, Jaymes supports one of the lesser teams in the Premier League (at time of writing!) - and yes, this is to cause a stir - but he sticks with them no matter what and it's a credit to a man's stamina when he stubbornly holds on to a futile dream of his team ever taking the title.

An experienced writer in the betting world and a great mathematical brain to help us all out when things get complicated.

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Mandy Jackson

Mandy is the big, big tennis follower of the crew at
Mandy scans our content and checks for any human error - yes, we are human!

Woe betide anyone caught with their P tags missing!
Mandy is our young at heart member who loves the entertainment betting area of the website and has helped us to grow that section to be virtually as serious as the sports section. Living in the country, Mandy does have a quirky passion for breeding funny-looking chickens!

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Phil Haigh

Although one of the younger members of the team, Phil is a big fan of the slower paced sports we cover and is rarely far from a snooker table or darts board if he can help it. Hours of dedication to both arts have done little to hone his skills and should really stick to writing about these great games rather than embarrassing himself in action.

Having spent much of his life in Yorkshire, cricket and football are also high on Phil's list of interests and will often be found at Headingley and a certain football ground in South Yorkshire, although we won't mention which to avoid ridicule.

When not gorging on sport Phil likes to think of himself as something of a musician with guitars littering his office and if he were to burst into song mid-article it would be no great surprise. Unfortunately he is as likely to sing in tune as he is to hit a 170 finish or a century break, so be grateful we limit him to solely writing for

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