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Football INDEX - Trade up to £500 Risk-Free for 7 Days

Football INDEX

Football Index is a new dimension for traditional sports bettors because it provides the facilities to trade on the number of references to a footballer in the media. However, to develop the theme of “no news is bad news” investors in Wayne Rooney were beside themselves with joy when he was embroiled in a sordid incident away from the game. Rooney’s name was all over the papers and internet and the incident was a great example of how the concept of Football Index works. His stock rose! Customers new to Football Index can trade up to £500 with no risk for 7 days. Dividends are paid based on the media coverage of players in your portfolio. The ‘Trade Risk Free Offer’ with Football Index is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The offer is only available for new UK customers and existing customers are not eligible.
  • There is a minimum deposit requirement of £10 using a debit or credit card.
  • The most that can be refunded is £500.
  • New customers have seven days in which to qualify for this refund.
  • Losses will be credited for up to £500.
  • The amount of refund is dependent on the balance after 7 days of trading.
  • The balance plus the refund will equal £500.
  • Any withdrawal request in this 7 day period will make the offer void.
  • Closed or suspended accounts will not receive the refund.

Football Index does not provide traditional betting but trading during the 7 day refund period and in general is based on the value of a player on the Football Index stock exchange. The price goes up and down and traders win or lose accordingly. The general terms and conditions for traditional betting offers apply such as closing down duplicate accounts which have been established to profit from the offer more than once. If there is evidence of abuse the offer will be withdrawn.

Football INDEX Explained

Football Index is a new product on the sports betting market because it allows members to buy shares in footballers across many of the major European leagues. From the household names in the Premier League to rising stars in the Italian league. Prices for each player are determined by specific criteria and customers bet on a player’s future success. In football betting bettors gamble on the outcome and related markets. Football Index is about betting on the more long-term performance of players rather than teams.

Another element of Football Index is related to the media coverage of all players. So, Rooney’s price went through the roof when he was in the papers for drinking and driving and questionable behavior while he was on a break and his wife was away. His price rocketed even though the news did not put him in a good light. Members who had a share in Rooney at the time received a healthy dividend.

Football Index is owned by BetIndex, a privately owned betting operator based and regulated in Jersey and under the control of the UK Gambling Commission. It is seen as gambling but not in the traditional way. You are gambling on your player’s performance on the field and media coverage. It is a move away from event betting to more long term trading. There can be multiple wins from one bet or trade.

Trading And The Stock Exchange

Football Index is a stock exchange for players and prices are determined by supply and demand. Traders buy stocks which could be commodities or currencies and aim to sell them to make a profit or minimize a loss. Trading is buying and selling at agreed prices to make a profit. With Football Index every payer has a selling price which could go up or down and stat pretty much the same. Prices are dependent on market forces but also adjusted for mentions in the media which don’t have to be positive.

Customers with Football Index can win or lose in three ways and distinct events or media mentions:

Football Prices

The stock price for each player fluctuates depending on the balance between buyers and sellers. In line with basic theories of economics if there are more potential buyers than sellers the price goes up and conversely if there are more potential sellers than buyers the price will go down. The commodity or stock is a footballer and customers can buy or sell to reduce or increase their portfolio. As this is quite new the £500 new customer refund comes in handy when you are trying to get to grips with the concept.

Media Buzz

A player’s price or stock is determined by the number of mentions in various forms of the media. Football Index refers to 25 UK News Feeds to assess how often a player is referred to in a media story. Trading takes place 365 days a year and customers can close their investments at any time. Players who are buzz words in the media will cost more than more obscure players. Recognition and media coverage boosts a player’s price and the profits held by the customer.

Performance Buzz

This element of Football Index is more akin to Fantasy Football whereby you choose a team of players and are awarded points based on that player’s performance. Opta Data Performance is used as a reference for settling disputes and determining prices for each player. Dividends are paid in the categories of forward, midfielder and defender and the best performing player. How a player performs in several statistical measures determines the price on Football Index.

Key Features

Customers can win prizes and receive double points for performance. The operators have tried to make the rewards more attractive since the concept was launched in October 2015. Performance dividends have been key to that growth. The extra dividends have attracted some traditional Fantasy Football players because they rewards what players achieve on the pitch. This element has been added to the media coverage stock exchange and has attracted bettors and Fantasy players. Performance dividends have increased the number or members and created more liquidity and more buyers and sellers.

One of the attractions of following sport is seeing fresh talent and how they develop. At Football Index traders can invest in new talent and are rewarded if the players enjoy a successful career. All these elements and promotions make up “The Footballer Stock Market” and traders can buy or sell. Prices change based on events on the field, team and player performance and media coverage. These elements are linked because if a player is doing well and scoring and assisting his media coverage will increase. The same could be said if he gets into strife like Rooney.

The sports betting world is always changing and operators are constantly developing new products. Traditional football betting and Fantasy betting each have their place but some players have moved to Football Index and similar services. The concept is based on the usual rules of economics whereby the price of a commodity or stock is determined by the balance between supply and demand. Football Index has taken the basics of a stock market and applied them to footballers who can be bought and sold in an exchange. New customers can trade for £500 without risk and this is a good incentive to open an account and make a deposit.

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