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Free bets are a very popular means by which bookmakers attract new business. Most free bets are only valid for new account holders and this means that in many cases free bets are not made available to existing customers. Concessions and free bets come in many forms but generally speaking they provide something free for new customers as an incentive to open an account.

These concessions come in the form of:

Matched free bets

No deposit free bets

Formatted free bets

Qualifying free bets

It is fair to say that some of the most attractive free bet offers have restrictive Terms and Conditions which make it difficult to take advantage of the offers. The limiting rules may come in the form of having to bet a certain turnover in order to receive the full benefit of the offer. This could also mean having to place a certain number of bets before the account balance is adjusted to take into account the value of the free bet.

Objectives of the Guides

The guides are designed to highlight the different types of free bets offered by the bookmakers. The guides also highlight the general rules that have to be followed in order to receive the free bet. The purpose of this part of the free bets section is not to list specific offers as this is covered in a different area of the site. The guidelines are written in general terms and cover the types of offer that are made available to new customers.

All the major bookmakers promote free bets by advertising in the Racing Post or running television campaigns. The cost of advertising in this way is high so clearly the operators believe they can increase turnover and profitability with their concessions. The number of free bets available at any time can make it hard to monitor what is available at any time. There are now services which will email customers with free bet offers and instructions in order to benefit from them.

Free Bets on Bookmaker Websites

Free bets are also promoted prominently on bookmaker websites, usually on the Home Page. There is usually a link to follow in order to see the specific conditions of the offer. The more restrictive rules are usualy listed in relatively small print below the main headline. The bookmakers can't afford to be too generous and the Terms and Conditions are clearly written so there is no room for ambiguity or doubt in terms of what is being offered.

Every free bet is subject to some form of measurement of its effect. Analyst employed by the bookmakers will examine any increased level of business that is accrued when the offer is introduced. That explains why some bookmakers are constantly trying new things. When they hit on an idea that is good for business they will offer something similar on the evidence of what has worked in the past.

Bookmaker free bets is an area that is constantly changing and evolving. These guides provide general advice to help customers be aware of the type of concessions that are being made available in the betting market.








Daily Betting Offers

Double odds if your first goalscorer bet scores in the first 20 mins in Champions League games

Double odds if your first goalscorer bet wins in the first 20 mins in ALL Premier League games.

Back a winner at 4/1 or more on any live race on C4 to receive a risk free bet on the next.

Bet on any UK Jumps race with Coral and get money back as a free bet if your horse falls

Get a special £5 free bet when you bet on the Tennis this October with Paddy Power.

Extra chance to win if your Rugby League and Rugby Union match goes into extra-time.

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