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Get it on Google Play continue to lead the free betsmarket with the most logical approach to app development.

It couldn't be simpler: just search by Free Bet amount, which would be the same amount that you would wish to open a betting acount with, or search by bookmaker name and the app will return the amount of the free bet currently offered by that bookmaker.

The app is Free to download from the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play and once downloaded and installed, simply tap on the icon as you would any other App and you will see the front splash screen open whilst the App quickly checks with the database to make sure it is always up to date.

The front screen will then revolve to expose the Home Screen from where you can begin your searching.

You will see two buttons presented to you with the text "Free Bet by Amount" and "Free Bet by Bookie". It is fairly self-explanatory but here is the app functionality in a nutshell:

Free Bet by Amount

Tap this button and you are presented with a scroller which allows you to pick an amount that you wish to search for as a free bet, the idea being that you have a budget in mind of what you would like to deposit into a new online betting account. Using one of the simplest free bets - the "matched free bet" - it would make sense to search for the same amount of free bet as this amount you have in mind. So let's say that this amount is £25. Use the scroller to scroll to that amount and the app brings up a list of bookmakers who offer this amount of free bet.

Now tap on the bookmaker that you would like to review and read more detail about how the free bet is claimed. If you then like the look of the offer, click on the button bottom right that gives you the opportunity to go straight to the bookmaker's website.

If you wish to search for an alternative amount at any time, click on the "Edit" Button top right and this will bring up the scroller again.

At any time, you can use the Home button bottom left to return to the original Home screen and begin your search again.


Free Bet by Bookie

Searching by bookie is similar to above but works in a slightly different way in that you may have a particular bookie in mind that you wish to bet with and so you would like to identify what their current free bet is.

Click on the "Free Bet by Bookie" button and you'll be presented with the scroller. Simply scroll to the bookmaker name that you would like to review and the app will take you to our review page.

Again, if the offer is attractive to you, click on the "Claim Your free Bet" button, bottom right, to go to the bookmaker's website.


App Quick buttons

Along the bottom of the app are four buttons that allow you to go to any specific index page very quickly. These buttons navigate you directly to:

  • App Home Page
  • Free Bet by Amount Page
  • Free Bet by Bookie Page
  • Contact and Legal Info Pages

IMPORTANT : when you have finished using the app at any particular time, close the app down completely so that the next time you use it, it will check the database on our server to give you any recent updates to free bets that there may have been.

Daily Betting Offers

Money back on losing pre-race bets if a French cyclist wins that stage with Paddy Power.

Get your money back on losing Top Batsman bets if your pick is out without scoring.

If the final checkout of any match is 100+, Paddy Power will refund losing in-running bets.

Place 5 or more bets of £5 or more on in-running football in one day to get a £5 free bet.

Place 5 or more bets of £5 or more on cricket in one day to receive a £5 free bet the next day.

Get double odds if your selection hits a 9 dart finish and wins the match.

Free Bets App

Search on the go for a free bet that suits you with the app.
Search by Amount or by Bookie.

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