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7 Unique Things We Love About The Ryder Cup

1. Team Spirit: Golf is an individual sport for the most part, with the occasional game of doubles down at your local club, but this weekend we get the unique opportunity to support an entire team of world class golfers all with the same aim in mind defeating the Yanks and retaining The Ryder Cup.  


2. The Format: The perfectly balanced format means that no team can ever realistically walk away with it. Both teams will still feel right in it until the final putt is sunk on Sunday afternoon. The ‘Miracle at Medinah’ has proved that a comeback is always on… for either team.


3. The Clothing: These days it seems like most players are more interested in wearing whacky and outlandish outfits than they are in winning tour events and majors. But during The Ryder Cup, everyone wears the same outfit meaning we can all focus on what is most important – the golf. Don’t be surprised if you see the more flamboyant golfers try to sneak in some individuality, Rickie Fowler has had ‘USA’ shaved into his head but I’m not sure Bjorn will be doing the same.


4. The Home Advantage: Last year at Medinah, the Americans try to wash out any European spirit by drowning us in a see of red, the captain asked all spectators to make as much noise and wear as much of the home colours as possible. This time were at home and were going to make sure the yanks know about it. We can also put a stop to any annoying ‘get in the hole’ or ‘mashed taters’ shouts with a sharp jab of our European umbrellas.

5. An opportunity to drink all weekend: 3 days of solid golf, and enough time to get out for a quick 9 after it doesn’t get much better than this. Not to mention a couple of derby games in the premiere league to tide us over. Why not check out the #GCW drinking game if you plan on knocking a few back over the weekend and there is also a bingo game you can enjoy sober…


6. Getting one over on the USA: We compete with the USA in almost every way, but on a sporting level there is not too many high level show downs, except the Ryder Cup. We don’t play NFL and they don’t play cricket but golf is a passion we both have we should make for a finely poised contest.


7. Ian Poulter: Love him or hate him, Poulter is the heartbeat of the European team, he strikes fear into Americans and sparks excitement in any European. You may not appreciate his arrogance and shameless self-promotion, but this week all that goes out of the window and he becomes 

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