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Top 10 Sporting Nicknames

If you have a successful sporting career it is hard not to be handed a nickname at some stage and in some sports it is almost mandatory to come up with one. As a result there have been thousands over the years and we at have picked 10 of the best.

10. Kobe Bryant – Black Mamba

There are plenty of nicknames to choose from in the world of basketball but Bryant’s is one of the coolest. It is as a result of his ability to strike with 99% accuracy at maximum speed, in rapid succession. Apparently.

9. Claudio Caniggia – Son of the Wind

There are many ways to describe a quick footballer but the nickname of the Argentinian winger really stirred up the imagination. In a career that saw him play in Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Qatar and his homeland he impressed all with his pace.

8. Jason Leonard – The Fun Bus

Leonard’s former England teammate Martin Bayfield handed the prop this nickname after seeing him run across a field in a red shirt and noting that he resembled a London bus.

7. Steve Beaton – The Bronzed Adonis

It is fair to say that the 1996 BDO world champion would never have been referred to as an Adonis in any other sport but on the oche he is the height of rugged manliness that the ladies love. His trademark mullet and moustache combo may have long gone but he still cuts an impressive figure.

6. Ashley Giles – The King of Spain

For Giles’ testimonial year in 2000 his county Warwickshire ordered 200 mugs with the title “King of Spin” emblazoned on them. A mistake at the printers though saw them arrive entitled “King of Spain” and the nickname stuck.

5. Shaun White –The Flying Tomato

One of the greatest snow and skateboarders on the planet is recognisable for his flowing red hair. When he is hurling himself through the air on either board and if you squint very hard he could just resemble a flying tomato.

4. Jack Nicklaus – Golden Bear

The 18-time major winner was big, imposing, blond and won an awful lot of money, put all this together and what you have is a Golden Bear. Simple.

3. Wladimir/Vitali Klitschko – Dr Steelhammer/Dr Ironfist

Names given to fighters are there to instil fear into their opponents and few are more imposing than the sobriquets of the Klitschko brothers who have dominated the heavyweight division in recent years. Both brothers hold degree certificates which is why they have been labelled the doctors.

2. Anthony Hamilton – The Sheriff of Pottingham

Snooker is known for some inventive nicknames but Anthony Hamilton’s really takes the biscuit. Being from Nottingham and regularly sporting a little goatee beard this pseudonym really does suit him down to the ground.

1. Ray Ewry – The Human Frog

One of the greatest Olympic athletes of all time but one you may well not have heard of. Ewry competed in standing jump events which no longer exist but are identical to the modern high, long and triple jumps just without a run up. He won eight gold medals from 1900-1908 and gained himself the moniker The Human Frog.

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