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Bet365 Football League Winner Early Payout Offer

The new football season is edging closer and pre-season is well underway. It is usually around this time of the year that people begin to look at the various football leagues and work out who they are going to back for glory in the upcoming season. This is an exciting time of year for punters, with antepost wagers proving to be very popular, and some big prices out there for those who can find that elusive value we are all looking for.

Football betting is one of the most competitive parts of the gambling industry, with bookmakers vying for every punter they can get. What many people don’t realise is that this means now is a fantastic time to be betting on football. To attract business and get punters betting with them, bookmakers are battling it out with each other to see who can provide their customers with eye-catching big offers. The majority of these are offers that both new and existing customers can take advantage of, as they also now understand the importance of customer retention alongside attracting new people.

With the new football season on the horizon, we can expect to see a handful of new football offers come out in the coming weeks with bet365 Opening Account Offer (18+, Ts & Cs Apply) being at the head of the game, all designed as a way that a particular bookmaker can attract interest and new customers. That is good for them, but remember, the offer can also enhance your betting and make you a more profitable punter, which at the end of the day is why we all do what we do, for profit and enjoyment.

Antepost Football Betting Offers

One of the first bookmakers to signal their intentions for the upcoming season is Bet365. They have put together a very unique and excellent football offer, which is available to both new and existing customers of theirs, which means every single punter can take advantage of this offer.

The offer is an early payout offer, which we don’t see too many off, and the offer is based around the subject that everyone is talking and thinking about right now, antepost betting on who will win the individual football leagues this coming season.

Whether it is at work, out with friends or through social media online, we are all beginning to take a serious look at the big leagues and work out who we fancy, who has been busy in the transfer market and where the value lies.

As we edge closer to the start of the season it is time to get your antepost football wagers down with your bookmaker and lock in the early value on your selections before the games kick off. If you have not yet placed a bet then taking advantage of this offer from Bet365 appears to be the way forward for punters, as it gives you a chance to pick up an early win that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Bet365 Early Payout Offer

This early payout offer from Bet365 is a way to get your bets paid out early from them, if your team has a big lead at any point during the season. Simply back a team to win one of the selected leagues, which we will show you below, and if your team is 10 or more points ahead during the season, Bet365 will pay you out as a winner, regardless of what happens after that stage.

If this is a single bet, you will receive the winnings in your Bet365 account when you are paid out, and if this is a multiple bet then that particular leg of the bet will be declared a winner.

Eligible Leagues for the Bet365 Early Payout Offer

If you are placing your antepost football bets with Bet365 and you want to take advantage of this offer then you need to know which leagues are eligible for this, as not all leagues are. Here is a list of the leagues where you can use this early payout offer:

  • England – Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2
  • Scotland – Premiership, Championship, League 1, League 2
  • Germany – Bundesliga
  • Italy – Serie A
  • Spain – Primera Liga
  • France – Ligue 1

With full coverage of the football league in England and all four divisions covered in Scotland, those who bet on domestic football are going to really be able to take advantage of this offer. Alongside that, four of the biggest leagues in Europe will also be available as part of this offer, and these four leagues are probably the leagues that most people bet on.

Those looking for a couple of bankers to put in an accumulator bet will no doubt be looking at Juventus in Serie A and PSG in Ligue 1, while the tussle between Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain is always one that many bet on. We have a new fight in Germany too, can Borussia Dortmund continue their improvement to take over from Bayern Munich this season as the top team in Germany?

How to Use the Bet365 Early Payout Offer?

Now that this offer has arrived, and the leagues have been revealed where it will be eligible, it is time to place your bets ahead of the new season. If you are still unsure how to use this offer then here is a step by step guide to placing your bets and taking advantage of this offer.

Place a bet on the ‘to win outright’ market of any of the above named leagues between now and Friday 13th September 2019 for your bet to be eligible for this offer
The bet you place can either be a single on one team or a multiple bet using different teams and leagues

During the season, if your team takes a lead of 10 points or more, your selection will be deemed a winner by Bet365.

When taking the 10 point lead, teams must have played the same number of games or be in a position where the teams below cannot get to within 10 points even by winning all of their games in hand.

If your selection is a single bet then that bet will be deemed a winner and you will be paid out your winnings. If your selection is part of a multiple bet then that leg will be declared a winner at that stage.

Why Place an Antepost Football Bet?

There will be some people out there wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to antepost football betting, as they have never done it before. This is a great way to bet for two reasons:

  1. The first is that you can take advantage of some real value and get big prices if you stake your bets before the season kicks off and your team shows their strengths.
  2. The second is that it is a cheap way to give yourself an interest in the football season from start to finish, without the need to bet every week.

When it comes to value, there are few markets that can compete with the antepost betting market and this season, League Two in England is a prime example of that.

As you can see from the above betting market, at the time of posting this, League Two has two 7/1 join favourites. Of the 24 teams in the division, just three are priced up at single figure odds and 15 of the 24 teams are available at 20/1 or bigger. If you can pick out a team here who you think will do well, then even if you are picking the favourite you are getting a good price about your pick.

There is also the challenge that antepost betting sets for punters, another reason why it attracts so many people. League Two is a prime example of this again as the two joint favourites have completely different backgrounds. Bradford are a former Premier League club, who were relegated from League One last season and will go into League Two as one of the biggest teams in the division. Compare that to Salford City, the team on the up following a number of promotions and they are now finally in the Football League, which was their goal all along. Can they continue to spend and go up the pyramid, or have they found their level? Will the drop down for Bradford be their key to success, are they too big for this division or will the disappointment of last season continue to be a factor for them?

When you are betting week in week out on individual football games with bet365, you don’t really get the chance to think about and answer these questions. Antepost betting allows you to do that, and it allows you to make a season prediction and follow it through with a bet. The talking points we all discuss with friends and family will form a big part of your decision making when it comes to antepost betting, these are the discussions we all love to have and that is why antepost betting continues to be so popular with punters and indeed bet365 themselves.

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